The Robert McLaughlin Gallery is dedicated to sharing, exploring and engaging with our communities through the continuing story of modern and contemporary Canadian art.

The RMG is free to attend. We accept donations at our reception desk and $5 is the suggested donation amount. Free programming and activities are also available, such as our OPG Second Sundays and RMG Fridays events.

  • The RMG is wheelchair accessible and manual wheelchairs are available.
  • ASL and sign language interpretation are available upon request.
  • Large Print, Tactile Tours and Audio Description are available upon request.

To make a reservation or discuss an accommodation, please contact Leslie Menagh, Manager of Public Programs and ArtReach at or all 905.576.3000 Ext 108.

Providing Accessibility for the Visually Impaired – The Penfriend

The RMG provides various accessibility services for those who are visually impaired (at all levels). An excellent resource that the gallery utilizes is the Penfriend, an audio aid that allows RMG staff to record descriptions of art works, which can then be played back and listened to by visitors to the gallery. These descriptions also provide instructions on how to move through the physical gallery space.

  • Using the Large Print and Braille guide provided, visitors can chose to start from the beginning and walk through the exhibition at their own pace by moving the Penfriend from work to work on the labels provided.
  • When the Penfriend touches the label, it will begin to play a recording that describes the piece of art, as well as where to move to view the next artwork. The volume of the Penfriend can be modified to each listener’s preference.
  • The Penfriend provides the visitor with their own private tour of the gallery space, and allows each person to experience and enjoy the displayed works of art.